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1. Explore the CalSCHLS Website to Review

  1. Survey Requirements (for California Districts)
  2. Survey Benefits
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Survey Overview and Specifications
  5. Time Spent Completing the Survey (by module and type of survey)
  6. Survey Instruments
  7. Fee Schedule
  8. Parental Consent (modifiable forms and process)
  9. Sample MOU

2. Determine Surveys and Modules

Each survey has a Core Module containing the minimum survey items required by the California Department of Education (CDE) for district survey participation. You can customize your survey by adding supplemental modules or by creating a Custom Module of additional questions of your own choosing. In planning your surveys and selecting survey modules, work with your district advisory committee and/or superintendent to identify local concerns and issues that need to be taken into consideration and potential data needs and uses. You can review the surveys and modules at these links:

  1. Student
  2. Staff
  3. Parent
  4. Supplemental
  5. Custom

3. Determine Sample

Student Survey

  1. Grade Levels—Minimally, the CDE requires participating districts to administer the CHKS in 7th and 9th grade but recommends 5th and 11th as well. TUPE Grantees should refer to the TUPE Resources Page for additional requirements.
  2. Census—Most districts will need to survey all students in each recommended grade in all their schools to have representative district data and to receive school specific data.
  3. Sample—Larger districts with 900 or more students per grade may contact their Regional Technical Advisor to discuss a possible sampling plan.
  4. Classrooms—All districts will need to identify which classroom teachers will be administering the survey in the selected grade levels. See the Coordination Page for more details.

Staff Survey

  1. All staff in the district should be given the opportunity to participate in the CSSS to have representative or valid results of staff perceptions.
  2. For staff working at multiple sites, it is up to them to decide whether they have enough knowledge/experience at a school to fill out the survey.
  3. Off-site staff such as bus drivers and district personnel are encouraged to take the survey as well.
  4. Contact your Technical Advisor if you have questions about whether to include certain staff in your survey.

Parent Survey

  1. The CSPS should be offered to all parents, guardians, or other caregivers in a school or district.
  2. The survey can be filled out jointly by both parents/guardians or by just one of them.
  3. If a parent/guardian has more than one child at a school site, they are instructed to complete only one survey per school, thinking about their oldest child at the school.

4. Obtain Parent/Guardian Consent

  1. State regulations require “active” or written consent in 6th grade and lower and “passive” consent in grades 7 through 12 for the basic CHKS.
    1. Active (Opt-in) Parental Consent (Grades 3-6).
      1. No child can be surveyed until a parent/guardian has provided written permission. If a permission form is not returned, it must be assumed that parental/guardian permission has not been granted.
      2. Written permission may be sent electronically if permitted by your district or board policy.
      3. Carefully track written permission so you can identify students whose parents did not respond or declined participation, to ensure those students are not given the survey.

    2. Passive (Opt-out) Parental Consent Grades 7-12).
      1. Written information about the survey is sent to parents/guardians, who in turn have to notify the school ONLY if they do not want their child to participate in the survey.
      2. Notification of declined participation may be sent electronically if permitted by your district or board policy.
      3. Carefully track declined participation, to ensure those students are not given the survey links.

  2. You will need to have copies of the surveys you will be administering posted on your school website and/or minimally in the school office for parents/guardians to preview.
  3. Sample modifiable introductory letters and Parental Consent Forms as well as Tips and Challenges for obtaining consent can be found on the Parental Consent Page.

5. Complete the Online Registration Portal

The online registration portal is designed for district coordinators to complete prior to contacting your Regional TA. Step by step directions are available here and an instructional video is available here.