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Learning from Home Survey

To provide stakeholder feedback and baseline data about student mental health and social and emotional well-being for LEA Learning Continuity and Attendance Plans, the California Department of Education is providing an online Learning from Home Survey to assess students’ home educational routines, engagement and motivation in educational activities, quality of relationships with teachers and peers, and social emotional well-being. A parent survey asks about experiences, perceptions, and concerns about students not being able to attend school in person and the district's remote learning program. Your school and/or district Learning from Home Survey results will be available via an online dashboard beginning one week after administration begins, and updated two times a week thereafter as necessary.

Quick facts about the Learning from Home Survey:

  • The online survey and online dashboard are offered at the standard subsidized rates listed on the fee schedule.
  • Elementary and secondary student surveys and parent surveys are available.
  • The survey does not include any items that require parental consent prior to administration.
  • The survey is administered completely online. If you need to survey students who do not have online access, please call 888.841.7536 to discuss options.
  • The reports are available only through the online dashboard.

More information, including copies of the questionnaire, is available here.

For more information, please call the CalSCHLS Regional Center at 888.841.7536 or email

District CalSCHLS Private Dashboard Now Available

Introducing the new password protected, private data dashboard that displays up to seven years of CalSCHLS data at the district level and individual school level. The dashboard provides designated staff with graphical data displays for the district as a whole, for groups of schools in the district, for all schools in the district on the same page to enable comparisons across schools, and for a single, individual school. At both the district and school level, viewers can:

  • compare their data with district and state averages;
  • make comparisons across subgroups such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and afterschool participation; and
  • examine data trends over time overall and by subgroup.

Viewers at both the district level and the school level have the option to download data displays as a PDF document which can be shared with stakeholders.

For more information, call your CalSCHLS Regional Center at 888.841.7536.

Elementary School Data Dashboard

Examine the most recent state and district CHKS results for elementary schools, including trends in results since 2014/15. Elementary school results can be displayed for 21 indicators for all 5th grade students, males and females, and by participation in afterschool programs. Statewide results come from data aggregated across all districts in California that administered the elementary survey.

Visit the Data Dashboard »