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Elementary School Data Dashboard Now Available

Examine the most recent state and district CHKS results for elementary schools, including trends in results since 2014/15. Elementary school results can be displayed for 21 indicators for all 5th grade students, males and females, and by participation in afterschool programs. Statewide results come from data aggregated across all districts in California that administered the elementary survey.

Visit the Data Dashboard »

2015-17 County Reports

The 2015-2017 Countywide CHKS Reports have been uploaded. These two-year aggregated reports encompass all schools that administered the CHKS within 2015-2017 and will be useful resources when comparing district results to county results as well as comparing county results with the California Biennial Statewide Reports for 2015-2017.

CalSCHLS Data Dashboard updated with 2017-18 data

The CalSCHLS data visualization dashboard has been updated to include 2017-18 district data and 2013-15 statewide data from the Biennial CHKS. The dashboard can be used to interactively examine trends over time on key indicators of school engagement and supports, school safety, and student mental health and substance use. Key indicators from the CalSCHLS School Climate Module are also presented on the dashboard for those districts that administered the module.

You can also examine disparities in survey outcomes across:

  • gender,
  • race/ethnicity,
  • English language proficiency (self-report),
  • free/reduced-price meal eligibility (self-report),
  • foster and homeless youth, and
  • other student subgroups.

The data dashboard allows practitioners and policy-makers to easily examine CalSCHLS data in more detail.

Visit the Data Dashboard »

2015-17 Biennial State California Healthy Kids Survey

The 2015-17 Biennial State California Healthy Kids Survey was released on August 20. The results indicate that alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use continues to decline among middle and high school students, and improvements have occurred in indicators of pupil engagement, school climate, and mental health among high school students. See below for more details.

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Examine 2015-2017 Statewide Results using the Data Dashboard »