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TUPE Resources

CalSCHLS Survey Administration

TUPE CHKS Guidance A list of questions and answers for TUPE Grantees administering the CHKS.

2020/2021 FAQs A list of questions that Regional Technical Advisors have received specifically for the current context of Remote and/or Hybrid Learning.

Parental Consent Information about active consent for grades 6 and below and passive consent for grades 7 and above.

Administration information about CalSCHLS Administration including how district coordinators can monitor individual school survey administration progress. Check out the CalSCHLS Administration video.

Below TUPE Grantees will find information about and links to CalSCHLS data, which can be used as one of many data sources for local program self-assessment. Other data sources include key informant interviews, case studies, and systematic classroom observations to inform program evaluation and improvement.

CalSCHLS Public Data Dashboard

  1. To Monitor Student Tobacco Use Rates
    1. These dashboards allow users to examine and graphically display the most recent state and district CHKS results for elementary and secondary schools (as well as staff results on the CSSS dashboard).
    2. Data regarding cigarette use, e-cigarette/vaping product use, and marijuana use are differentiated and available on the public dashboard.
    3. Trend data (2011-2019) providing a wholistic view of tobacco-related behaviors are available on the public dashboard.

  2. To Monitor local health disparity groups.
    1. The CalSCHLS Public Data Dashboard identifies a set of student characteristics that allows comparison between subgroups and their counterparts and the student population in general.
    2. TUPE grant applicants can utilize this feature to identify and monitor its local health disparity groups:
  • Race/ethnicity;
  • Gender;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Low socioeconomic status (free/reduced lunch program);
  • Homeless and foster (living situation);
  • English learners;
  • Parent military family;
  • Parental education;
  • Gender identity.

Check out the CalSCHLS Public Data Dashboard

District and School Level Password Protected Data Dashboards

To monitor Student Tobacco Use and Health Disparities at the School Site Level, district and school personnel can access visualizations of your district's most recent CHKS results for elementary and secondary schools — examine trends over time, disparities across student subgroups, and survey response rates.

Check out this demonstration video of the password-protected data dashboards.

TUPE Private Dashboard

For TUPE Grantees

  • Districts
  • Counties
  • Consortiums

A TUPE grantee can utilize the new TUPE Private Dashboard to access school-level data. A county grantee can gain access to this dashboard by seeking reading rights from the specific districts. A county consortium grant lead can use this dashboard to monitor individual school district survey participation. See the County Technical Assistance Grant-Related CHKS and TUPE Data Dashboard Q&As.

Check out the TUPE Private Dashboard