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  1. First and foremost, make certain parent information and consent letters are delivered, and active consents returned; and
    1. For active parent consent, make sure forms have been sent to parents or guardians and that enough Parent Consent Forms have been received to assure that each school and grade will reach the 70% return rate. If not, consider delaying the survey until the return rate reaches 70%.
    2. For passive parent consent, make sure withdrawals are being carefully tracked; and that lists of non-participants are being prepared for the teachers.

  2. Ensure School Site Coordinators, classroom teachers, students and parents/guardians know who and how to contact an adult at school (counselors, nurses, or teachers) if any of the survey items bring up concerns or needs for the students or families..

  3. Confirm survey logistics with each School Site Coordinator
    1. Make certain classroom teachers understand that students without consent should not be surveyed and should have an alternative activity.
    2. Make certain the school site coordinator will be available to troubleshoot connection issues and any other logistical issues that might come up for students and staff.
    3. If the survey is administered in person, collect the signed Assurance of Confidentiality forms from classroom teachers prior to survey administration.

  4. Distribute Survey Links/Instruments – The District Coordinator will receive all survey links and/or instruments and will be responsible for distributing them to school site coordinators and/or classroom teachers, students and parents/guardians.
    1. Student Online Surveys. Survey administration materials will be sent to the District Coordinator via email. Student URL’s can be forwarded to the teachers administering in their classroom. Teachers will then distribute the URL to students at the beginning of class.
    2. Staff Online Surveys. Survey administration materials will be sent to the District Coordinator via email. Staff URL’s can be emailed directly to staff.
    3. Parents Online Surveys. Survey administration materials will be sent to the District Coordinator via email. Administration consists of getting the survey website address to all parents. Parent URL’s can be emailed directly to parents or via
      1. Multiple direct mailings (a postcard can often suffice),
      2. The school Learning Management System, automated texting systems, or the school website, NOTE only the parent/guardian survey link may be publicly posted. Do not publicly post staff or student survey links.

    4. Student Paper Surveys. District Coordinators will need to photo copy the student survey and distribute them to the school sites along with the answer sheets (Scantrons) and transmittal envelopes provided by your TA.
    5. Parent Paper Surveys. If your district is distributing paper parent surveys, please contact your Technical Advisor and they will send you a master copy for print. Please follow these instructions for duplicating paper parent surveys:
      1. Use one copier district wide for your printing
      2. Use only the PDF CSPS Survey Masters we send you.
      3. Use one style of printing, i.e. back-to-back or single sided but only one option throughout the district. Should more than one printing configuration be returned, additional fees will apply.
      4. Do not combine English and Spanish surveys, i.e English on one side and Spanish on the other. If you would like to provide both, copy separate and staple together so we may remove the unused survey.
      5. Please do not add cover sheet or additional staples
      6. Do not make changes to the Surveys

  5. Monitor Survey Implementation. District Coordinators should be available to the School Site Coordinators to troubleshoot connection issues and any other logistical issues that might come up for students, staff and parents/guardians.

  6. Closely monitor response rates to ensure students are participating in the survey.
    1. If students and staff aren’t in the same physical location, districts will have to be extra vigilant in making certain students and staff receive the correct survey links and actually complete the survey.
    2. Districts will need to utilize their existing communication methods and implement a rigorous follow-up protocol.
    3. District Coordinators should contact their Regional TA for information on how to monitor the online response rates.

  7. Collect Survey Materials
    1. School Site Coordinators should collect and return the following materials (if applicable) to the District Coordinator: paper surveys, permission slips, Survey Participation Forms (online administration), and Assurance of Confidentiality forms. student answer sheets in placed in Transmittal Envelops.
    2. Parental Consent forms, Survey Participation forms, and Assurance of Confidentiality forms should remain with the District.
    3. Paper parent surveys should be collected by the District Coordinator and returned to the CalSCHLS Regional Center. To prepare paper parent surveys to be returned these steps should be followed:
      1. Remove any district cover sheet if it was added.
      2. Sort by site and language
      3. Return 3 blank copies of your printed surveys for scan purposes
      4. Return via a trackable shipping method

  8. Email your Regional TA when your survey administration is complete.